Penny Pickwick by ‘BOS’ 33

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'Edited by Bos' [pseudonym of Prest, Thomas Pickett (attributed to)].
The PICKWICK POSTHUMOUS PAPERS. Containing an Account of the Wonderful Discovery Club, and the Extraordinary Adventures of Pickwick, Sam Veller, Tupnall, Winkletop, &c. &c. Edited by Bos.
The Penny Pickwick was an imitation,written by Prest, published by his employer, Lloyd, between May 1837 and July 1839 in 112 issues. It was a huge success selling 50,000 copies weekly, and spawning around eleven more Pickwick imitations. Extensively illustrated with 64 engravings, generally two per issue, a few full page, most of which are by C.J.G, Charles Jamieson Grant, one of the leading artists of the Penny Radical papers during the Chartist agitation.
in-8, Вып.33, p.257-264
Prest, 1810-1859 (?) was a hack-writer in Lloyds publishing factory issuing Oliver Twiss and Nicholas Nickleberry, David Copperful etc.( as well as Sweeney Todd ) much to Dicken's annoyance and financial loss.

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